Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Open educational resources (OER) I can see being useful for teachers and for students but I also see a downfall in using it. OER can be useful for open textbooks which would reduce the cost of schooling. OER can also be useful because it is an alternative way for teachers to teach their students. If a student is struggling he or she can use the additional resource to help them learn the subject. The downfall of OER, in my opinion, is that teachers might relay more on the OER to teach the students than the teacher teaching the students themselves. Teachers could become more lazy.

Here are three links that could be useful to teachers and students:





Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Believe Statement

          By doing this visual essay project I discoved that I am cable of doing things outside of my comfort zone. I learned how to use Photo Story and it was very easy and fun to use. I also learned how to upload a video to You Tube. I could not see me using a video in my classroom but I could create some type of video that my students could use outside of the class for an additional resource to help them learn the subject I'm teaching.

            Hi my name is Thomas Caldwell and I believe teachers should be friendly, fun, and not too strict.
                In ninth grade I had a math teacher named Miss Smith and she is the reason why I want to become a math teacher. She was friendly, fun, and not to strict. In my class she taught Algebra II and I passed it with 100%. She turned math class from being boring to fun.
                Miss Smith was friendly because she was nice to all her students and treated them all fairly. Her voice even sounded friendly and her appearance came off as friendly too. In return I and the other students treated her with respect. With her being a friendly teacher caused math class not to be boring.
                Miss Smith made math class fun believe it or not. Math class was not only fun but easy for me and most of the other students. As long as you did your homework you would get 100% on it. The tests were easy because there were bonus questions on the test; therefor I would get 100% or more most of the time on the test. The main reason why the class was fun is because we had a Christmas, Valentines, and Easter party. We would watch a movie and everyone would bring in food for the class to share. For Valentine’s Day we had food but also we gave everyone in the class including the teacher valentine cards. With math class being fun everyone enjoyed the class and did well in it.
                Miss Smith was also not too strict. Being not too strict created a comfortable environment to learning. I and the other students could ask her any question because she was an approachable teacher. Even though she was not a strict teacher she still had control of the classroom.
                Overall, Miss Smith was an amazing teacher because she was friendly, fun, and not too strict. Because of her I know how to make math class fun and not boring.