My 21st Century Classroom


Here is my visual essay on what I believe teachers should be like. They should be friendly, fun, and not too strict. By watching this video you will see how one of my teachers made me think this way and inspired me to become a math teacher.

Here is a link to my reflection post on my visual essay project.

My Classroom

The layout of my classroom promotes: student centered learning, communication, and authentic assessment. My classroom promotes student centered learning because students will learn through me teaching the lesson on the SMART Board. Everyday I will have the students do a bell ringer question and will go over the homework problems that the students are struggling with on the SMART Board. The students will work on their communication skills by completing the bell ringer and homework questions on the SMART Board. The student who volunteers to work the math problem out on the SMART Board will then explain to the rest of the class how they solved the problem. Last but not least, my classroom will promote authentic assessment. Students will create some type of project that uses some type of visual aid to teach the class about how they can use a certain math problem in a career. This type of project could help students who are struggling on their homework and test scores. All in all, in my classroom, students will be reviewing their knowledge of the subject, practicing their communication skills, and getting involved in the subject.

Rituals and Routines

Every day in my class, before the lesson, there will be a bell ringer and we as a class will go over any homework questions that students are struggling with. The bell ringer and homework questions that we go over will promote collaboration and communication in the classroom. Students will be collaborative because they will solve the bell ringer or homework problem out on the SMART Board and then use communication skills to present to the class how they did the problem. This method will also promote a student centered learning environment because the students will constantly be reviewing their knowledge of the subject.

Instructional Glimpse

A typical lesson in my classroom would start with a bell ringer question from the lesson before. One student will volunteer to solve the problem out for the class and then explain how he or she solved the problem. Next I will go over the answers to the homework problems that are due that day and then if there are any problems that the students needed help on we as a class will solve those problems together. Next I will go over the objectives of the new material that I am going to teach that day. Then I will teach the new material and give example problems by using PowerPoint on the SMART Board. Last the students will have time to work on their homework in class that is do the next day. By allowing the students to work on the homework in class they could come to me for questions and they can get it done so they don't have to do it at home. Here is an example of a PowerPoint lesson that I would use to teach my students with: Quadratic Formula.

My Technology Integration

I will use technology in my classroom by using PowerPoint on the SMART Board to teach my lessons. Outside of the classroom my students could go to to help them if they are struggling. For information on this website, visit my blog post: Cool Tool for School. To connect with students, teachers, and experts around the world I will have my own professional Twitter, Facebook, and Blogger account. I will also use Twitter, Facebook, and my blog to publish my students and my own work locally and globally. I will also use these tools to collaborate with others to create and share knowledge.


As a teacher and as a learner I will continue to use and grow in my personal learning network (PLN). I will be using technology everyday in and out of my classroom to teach my students. I will be using PowerPoint and the SMART Board to teach my students inside the classroom and I will be using Twitter, Facebook, and Blogger outside of the classroom. I will grow in my PLN because technolgy will keep changing and I willl have to keep up with it.



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